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The fastest way to get organic traffic to your website

In order to identify you as an authority in your space and start ranking your site for relative keywords, Google wants to see the following:

  • Keywords are relative to site/page
  • New, fresh and relative content on regular basis
  • Increasing links to your site from quality, trusted sites
  • Fast sites (loading time), especially on mobile
  • Internal links, or contextual links between pages onsite
  • Existing consistent traffic*

*SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is much slower without consistent existing traffic, and THIS is why we have combined our best SEO package with our best Social Media Management offering.

Details of our Social Media and SEO Integration offering:


Social Media and SEO integration at it's best.

This Social Media Management and SEO Integration package is an aggressive results-oriented approach that includes onsite blog posts and offsite blog posts to make you an authority in your space. These posts will be niche-relative posts, and the offsite posts are be written to support the onsite posts or your pages to boost rankings of the keywords targeted.

In each of these blog posts we will target keywords (may be a phrase or series of words, also known as long-tail keywords) we can win and get you ranked on Google. Each of the blogs will have a call to action and will contextually link to other offsite and onsite posts.

The purpose of the offsite blog posts is to link keywords back to your onsite blog posts or web pages. We will post those on sites that have higher authority according to Google than your site.


Social Media Management

Social Media and SEO integration drives traffic to your site AND makes SEO faster.

In this Social Media and SEO Integration package we will create/update your social media accounts that you and our team choose best for your needs (including Google My Business). We will post to each of the platforms 5 times or more per week. The goal of social media management is to drive traffic to your site.  We will increase your brand awareness, increase your following on the various platforms and engage with your audience. Additionally we’ll use hashtags to get your posts seen by the right group of people. Each week at least some of the social media will be focused on the new onsite blog post posted that week (if applicable). Additionally, we will grow your social network by interacting with users active in the relevant hashtags for your niche.

The focus over all is to increase qualified traffic to your website as well as increase your brand awareness. We will use nice graphics as well as video where possible.

This Social Media and SEO integration package is the most effective one we offer. We have many clients that choose just SEO, but without driving traffic to your site, SEO is a much harder process. We have professional teams working specifically in these always changing fields, so we will increase traffic and get you ranked with search engines.

Social Media and SEO integration package for less than $700 at We By Webb Digital Marketing

What to expect from us:

We will do research to find topics for each week, and we have expert writers to write the content. We will collaborate with you on topics, but we do the work. So, we research keywords, we write, and we post. Likewise, on social media, we’ll create relevant graphics & videos with relevant copy and #hashtags to get the posts seen by the right audience.

What we expect from you:

We expect you to be engaged, especially at the beginning. We’ll do the work, but nobody knows your brand better than you. We LOVE working with businesses who have passion. If you don’t express a passion for your business, how can you expect anyone else to be enthusiastic about your business. Think of us as an extension of your business when we work together. What drives us is the thrill of success. Enthusiasm is contagious.

SEO done well takes time. We strongly recommend a 6 month commitment for SEO, although you can cancel at any time.

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Social Media - SEO 

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Multiple social media platforms

5 posts per week on all platforms

posts building brand awareness

onsite blog posts/page optmization

offsite blog posts

Keyword research/targeting

weekly reports


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Social media - seo

Billed every 6 months - Get one month 10% off

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Multiple social media platforms

5 posts per week on all platforms

Posts building brand awareness

onsite blog posts/page optmization

offsite blog posts

keyword research and targeting

weekly reports


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