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Web By Webb Digital is a premier SEO agency offering a data driven approach to getting you ranked on search engines. You will not find a more cost effective and SEO effective offering.

What's the advantage of SEO?

Getting your site ranked for keywords is a very cost-effective way of getting traffic. Pay per click (PPC) and Social Media Management (SMM) are more expensive and short-term options to get targeted traffic. SEO takes longer, but unlike Social Media and PPC, SEO ranking shows authority on the subject. This is why it takes longer and is harder to achieve. 

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Our approach

Web by Webb Digital’s approach is very data driven. Our SEO options include:

  1. Content marketing/onsite blog posts and on site SEO optimization-well written and SEO optimized for targeted keywords.
  2. Guest posts – quality guest posts on higher ranking authority websites linking back to your site.
  3. Google Analytics-we monitor traffic to learn how to better optimize your site.
  4. Social Media posts – drive traffic, increase brand recognition and gain followers with our Social Media Management options.
  5. Pay per click (PPC) using Facebook/Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Your Plan

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Getting started

Rank in 3-6 months*

On site SEo

on site SEO-Ready posts**

Off site guest posts**

google analytics

Press releases

Weekly status reports


Monthly Plan



Ranking in 2-4 months*

On Site SEo

on site seo-ready posts**

off site guest posts**

google analytics

Press releases

weekly status reports


Monthly Plan


SEO & social Media

Rank in 2-4 months**

On Site SEO

on site SEO-ready posts*

off site guest posts*

google analytics

Press releases

weekly status reports


Monthly Plan

*Selected keywords will play a big role in how fast you rank.

**Requires contextual input from you.

Setting a site up for SEO is a bit of work, for this reason we require a 6 month commitment. We highly recommend a minimum of 6 months for best results. SEO done well is not a fast process.