Case study: Tech site affiliate marketing-SEO

This site is an affiliate marketing site using shopping cart technology with affiliate links. When we first started 3 years ago we started getting keyword ranks for products in the ecommerce engine. We now have just under 400 keywords ranked with Google. For example, the Westinghouse iGen4500 Generator gets over 1600 searches a month (see pic). This site’s product listing is on the 2nd page of Google, yet it gets more than 5% of those who click a link from the given search term. The product listings on the site give the user detail, then comparative pricing so they can choose the vendor they wish.

The other purpose of this site is to provide reviews and buyer guides for the not so tech savvy. Those reviews and buyers guides are well written blog posts optimized around specific keywords carefully researched. For example, this image shows a search result for 8 Cool Gadgets for Men under 400 Dollars which is #1 on Google and has been for months. We continue to add keywords by adding blog posts as reviews and buyers guides on a regular basis. Since this is post is number one on Google’s search, it shows up in the “information box” when the results are displayed.

Google looks at posts for quality information to provide for their searches. Nobody can guarantee page one of Google. If they do, know that they are lying to you. Building organic SEO takes time. At Web By Webb Digital Marketing, we get results. This is proof. Let’s work together. Want to learn more about SEO Services? See our effective, affordable and transparent SEO plans.


Another case study: SEO optimization of travel site – Adsense

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